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NPK 18:46:0 Liquid Fertilizer | Can be replaced with Diammonium Phosphate

What is NPK 18:46:0 Liquid fertilizer used for?

NPK 18:46:0 fertilizer containing high phosphorous contents along with nitrogen.

NPK 18:46:0 fertilizer can be replaced with Diammonium phosphate

NPK 18:46:0 fertilizer provides uniform application. It contains 18% Nitrogen, 46% Phosphorous

Liquid fertilizer acts quickly to make nutrients available to plants and provide immediate effect as leaves and roots more easy to absorb the mixture.

Suitable for all types of soil. It plays an important role for roots development and plant growth. It can be blended to precisely meet the specific needs of a soil or crop. It can be used during all stages of plant growth.

NPK 18:46:0 Liquid fertilizer blends are used on a range of crops in broad-acre farming, cereals, sugar cane, sowing pastures, dairy pastures, fodder crops and also in horticultural crops; for example, vegetables and tree crops.

Types of Packaging

IBC Tote Tank; Carboy