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MSAG Food Grade Phosphoric Acid

What is MSAG Food Grade Phosphoric Acid used for?

Phosphoric acid is also referred to as orthophosphoric acid. It is an inorganic mineral acid. Phosphoric acid is major in terms of consumption and production value and comes after sulfuric acid in terms of quantity. In addition, as a chemical reagent, phosphoric acid acts as a dental and orthopedic etchant, rust inhibitor, and electrolyte, flux, dispersing agent, industrial etchant, fertilizer feedstock and home cleaning product.

Phosphate plant food is a key application of phosphoric acid which takes nearly 90% of the overall production. Phosphoric acid also used to acidify beverages and foods such as colas and jams. Phosphoric acid, as well as its phosphate side-products, can be utilized for segregation of metal ions together with pH control, precipitation, nutrient source, water fluoridation, scale inhibition, corrosion inhibitor, lead precipitation agent, acidity regulator, alkalizing capacity, synergy with surfactants, dispersing agent, softening and complexion agent, and buffer agent.

Phosphoric acid and its phosphate derivatives find application yeast and fermentation chemicals, water treatment etc. It is also used for refining of vegetable oils and sugars. The food-grade phosphoric acid salts are blended with baking soda to manufacture baking powder, a fermenting agent used in many baked products. Breakfast cereal, cereal bars, packed coffee beverages, seasoned waters and processed foods also might contain food-grade phosphoric acid. The poultry products are improved with salt solutions to enhance their flavor and moisture. These salt solutions also include food-grade phosphoric acid or phosphate salts.

Types of Packaging

1,650KG IBC Tank; 330KG Drum; 35KG Jerry Can; S/S Road Tanker