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MSAG Polyphosphoric Acid

What is MSAG Polyphosphoric Acid used for?

Polyphosphoric acids are odourless, high viscousity liquids with strongly hygroscopic properties. Polyphosphoric acids are useful as reagents in the chemical industry.

Polyphosphoric acid can be used as a reagent for cyclisation / ring closures in such reactions as acetylation, alkylation, production of amines, acid amides, cyclic ketones, cyclic olefins or oxygen and sulphur heterocyclic compounds.

Besides that, polyphosphoric acid can be used in the manufacture of special supported catalysts, e. g. for use in the production of cumene from benzene.

Phosphate esters with a high mono-ester content also can be produced using polyphosphoric acid. The acid is reacted directly with the appropriate alcohol to produce the acidic phosphate ester.

Polyphosphoric acid has been successfully used for years in the US and other parts of the world to enhance high service temperature stifness of paving grade bitumen. Several researches show evidences of Polyphosphoric Acid interaction with asphaltenes and resins. These interactions typically lead to an increase of the asphaltene content concurrently with a decrease of the resins content. The mechanism describes a dispersion of the asphaltene-resins phase leading to the increase in viscosity of the bituminous binder.

Types of Packaging

1,650KG IBC Tank