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DesureGum | For Vegetable Oil Refineries

What is DesureGum used for?

DesureGum is used in vegetable oil refineries act as degumming acid to minimise heavy metals in the crude vegetable oil.

We produce DesureGum mainly to assist vegetable oil refineries to save cost but does not affects quality of the finished products. DesureGum is also referred to diluted phosphoric acid, DesureGum consists of less than 75% of phosphoric acid.

With the dosage of 0.05%-1.2% (depends on the types of vegetable oil), DesureGum able to remove the phosphorus content to 2 PPM of RBD Oils, as such will duly reduce the 3 MCPD and Chloride contents in RBD Oils.

DesureGum can be replaced with 85% phosphoric acid without changing or modification of existing facilities or process. Besides that, DesureGum is food grade acid and is comply to malaysia and international standard.

Types of Packaging

1,350KG IBC Tank; 295KG Drum; 34KG Jerry Can; S/S Road Tanker